A Better Future

There are many people in Israel and abroad who can only dream of a better future. Broken families, difficult childhoods, and impoverished neighbourhoods have created many disillusioned young adults who lack the necessary skills to lead a healthy existence.

By offering subsidised counseling to promote healthy family relationships - attacking this problem at its roots - we can literally change the very fabric of our society and create a better future….

Our Vision

Let’s create a new generation of children experiencing healthy family dynamics which would have been near impossible without our help.

Our Services

The first stage in this project is to provide low/no cost counseling by professional therapists to save and better marriages & families in crisis.

Future Projects

The organisation aims to work on other separate but closely related fronts:

  • Providing pre-marital counseling by trained professionals so that couples can build their new home on a solid and understanding base.
  • Being that this is unfortunately one of the main causes of marital and spiritual decline, addictions – as well as but not limited to excessive internet usage – will be addressed by specialised therapists in subsidised personal and group sessions.
  • Adolescent counseling for the many teens who find this turbulent time of their lives too difficult to handle alone and require specialised help.